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Create a custom email alias for your Google Domain (

Are you a small startup looking for a way for users to contact your business with inquiries? You don’t need to purchase a mailbox to do this; in fact you can save yourself $$ by starting off with an email alias such as or

Today we’re going to setup a custom email alias for your new domain name with forwarding to an existing mailbox.

** Difficulty: EASY**

  1. On the Google Domains page, select “Manage”

2. Select “Email” from the Domain overview

3. Type in “info” or “help” or anything you’d like in the “alias email” field. This is the first part of the mailbox; on the “Existing recipient email” field type in the email address that you’d like to receive mail to.

For example, if I’m setting up and want it to forward to ; the below is the settings we would save.

4. Verify the email address; click “Verify my Email now” to complete the setup.

That’s it; now your clients or customers can email and you will receive that mail in your existing email. This is a perfect trick to save money during startup!

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